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Strong Future International Complaints - What They Don’t Tell You

Are you curious about Strong Future International complaints? Before you read any other info, make sure you read this one first… Here’s why….

Seeing Strong Future International complaints when you look up SFI - but not too sure what to quite make of it?

Let me be very bold…

And confront this issue head one (would you want anything less from me?)..

In fact, by the time you get done reading this, you’ll be very clear as to what you’re really seeing when you see Strong Future International complaints posts pop up in the search engines.

Not only that, but you’ll either move closer to joining SFI or either you’ll feel that it’s just not for you. Either way it’s ok, because at the end of the day it’s all about what is a right fit for you.

Why People "Bag" on SFI

Here’s the big elephant in the room that I’m about to shine a light on. Let me go further as I talk about someone named “Sarah.”

Now, Sarah wanted to make some money on the side so that she could hopefully one day quit her job and finally tell her boss where to stick it.

One day searching online for a way to make money, she sees an ad for SFI.

Not knowing anything about SFI she immediately decides to join. "Why not?" she says, "it’s free."

She gets in and realizes that it’s a business opportunity and that means to her that she has got to recruit others in a business she knows nothing about.

Not only that, but Sarah lacks interpersonal skills and doesn’t really like dealing with people.

After spending a couple of weeks bumbling around on SFI she doesn’t make any money. To save “face” in front of her friends and family, and to make her own self feel better, Sarah starts telling everyone that she wasn’t successful with SFI because it was a scam.

This is how you get one kind of Strong Future International complaints - people that don’t understand what they’re doing and what they’re getting themselves into before they join only to point the finger of blame at everyone but themselves for their lack of success.

In my home business career, I meet a lot of Sarah’s. In fact, odds are you may be a Sarah yourself. Are you? Or are you a recovering Sarah that now knows better?

So it you really want to make money online, then there are some things Sarah did wrong that I have to point out.

Correcting Mistakes Increase Odds of Success...

Mistake #1 - Sarah did not do her homework first before joining SFI. The Internet is your friend - use it as such. Take the time to learn what the company is all about. The posts you see coming up in the search engines are written by people like you and me.

Take what you read with that in mind. Do go to the official business website for the program you’re looking to join. Does it seem legit? Are there real products/service attached to the business? Who’s running the company? Are they experienced?

If Sarah had did her homework she would have learned that SFI has been in business nearly 18 years and the parent company has been in business over 30 years.

SFI's corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.
She would have seen that SFI is product based and that core of SFI is not recruiting but selling of actual products that REAL people buy.

In fact, Sarah did not have to touch the network marketing side of SFI at all if she didn’t want to.

If she had took the time to learn about her new business she would’ve discovered that there are many, many ways to make money with SFI.

Mistake #2 - Sarah did not get any business or marketing skills.

If you want to create life-style changing income, you will have to learn some new skills to help you build your new business.

You see, mistake #2 is one of the biggest reasons why you see not only Strong Future International complaints but complaints about a lot of home business opportunities.

You see, people are so eager to begin making a ton of money and planning the design of their new dream home they hope to buy with their overnight riches that they forget that this is a business and not a get rich overnight scheme.

You will have to learn about marketing if you ever hope to become successful. If you’re not willing to put in effort to get what you need to become successful, then joining a business or even starting one is the last thing you should be doing.

I Can See Clearly

It’s easy for me to see the issues with people who make these kinds of mistakes because I’ve been around this industry for a bit. For someone who is new to all of this, sometimes it can be hard seeing what the real issues are behind Strong Future International complaints.

So, we’ve uncovered the problems with Sarah and the mistakes that she’s made. Now let’s take a look at “Fred.”

Now Fred did take the time to look at SFI and didn’t make the mistakes that Sarah made - but he did do something that was just as equally as bad.

You see “Fred” failed to realize that he’s just a distributor for SFI - he doesn’t own the company. The company, owned by Gery Carson, makes its own decisions whether or not Fred agrees with its decisions.

This angers Fred because he doesn’t like change and doesn’t see the value of the changes SFI has implemented.

Fred walks around being frustrated and betrayed and takes the time to tell everyone he hates SFI and the changes Gery Carson has made.

Do you see mistake #3 happening in front of your eyes?

See what Fred is guilty of is not accepting that as an affiliate of any kind of program, he is not in control what corporate does. If you want more control of your business, then create one. Once you’re an affiliate for someone else’s products, you do have to abide by their rules, whether you like it or agree with it or not.

If you don't like changes then don’t join a network marketing company or an affiliate program. Create your own products that way you have 100% control. You can make money or you can make excuses - but you can’t do both at the same time, You have to pick one.

Strong Future International Complaints - Merit or No Merit

So, there you have it. The vast amount of complaints people have against SFI are usually from people that are either ill-prepared to start a business and/or don’t realize what they’re truly getting themselves into.

You’re probably thinking, no duh - I get all of this, but do you really get understand? You see, if you can’t grasp these simple concepts then being a business owner may not be right for you at this time.

So, what’s left…

You’re on the Path to Bigger Income Potential Because…

You recognize the pitfalls of business and you know the common mistakes people make about being in business in general. You are willing to be accountable - and not place blame on the mistakes that you make.

This is really powerful…

Unless really get  what I wrote, odds are you’re not going to make it in business. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money.

I want to save you that heartache...

Making Money With SFI

The only way you’re going to earn a check with SFI is if you:

 * Take the time to learn about what this program is all about.

This is easily accomplished by spending 30 minutes a day logging into SFI and doing the red tabs.

 * Are willing to learn and implement marketing strategies into your business. If you’re not willing, re-think going into business.

 * Be willing to invest into your business - that doesn’t mean you need to spend an arm and a leg because SFI is the lowest cost network marketing business you can get into that’s been proven to work.

If you’re eager to get started on your first check, you’ll want to start by clicking the button below to take the SFI Bootcamp (free of course!)...


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