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4 Ways to Make Money Using SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program

If you’re eager to discover the many different ways to make money with the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program, then you’ll want to read every word of this carefully...

You’ve probably been through the ringer with a lot of home business programs - most of us have as well. They promise you the moon and give you a few grains of dirt.

I’m sure that tapping into the family’s money to buy into yet another opportunity that seems to never pan out has left you broken and brokenhearted with a lot less money in your bank account. 

It’s not fun to have to face your significant other day after day and explain to them why you’re not making money.

This is where SFI comes in...

SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program is Different...

If you’ve ever taken a peek at Strong Future International, you’ll discover that this program is quite unlike other programs on the Internet. It fact, it attracts certain kinds of people. And certain kinds of people are quite successful with it.

Low Risk - Low Cost

SFI has taken the best aspects of network marketing and the best parts of affiliate marketing and merged the two.What you’ll find with the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program is that there is no pressure to buy products or get on autoship.

If you ever been a part of a network marketing company that pressured you to buy a lot of products just to get your full commission check (aka “garage qualified”), then you know what I mean.

All the things and tactics that has probably left a nasty taste in your mouth as a network marketer is what you won’t find with SFI.

This is one reason why you see a lot of people who have vast network marketing experience working with SFI.

They’re tired of the "games" that often goes along with network marketing.

SFI is a breath of fresh air to a lot of people - especially network marketers.

If you’re tired of spending money on business opportunities that seem to never give a good return for your time and money spent, then you’ll want to carefully consider joining SFI.

I do have to say this...

What slows people down who join SFI is that they don’t fully understand the many ways you can make money with it.

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Read on...

What They Never Tell You About the SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program

What makes SFI fascinating than traditional network marketing companies is that there are many ways to build a business with SFI.

If you’re seriously looking into joining SFI, you’ll want to carefully read this section.

1. Sponsoring - Just like with other network marketing companies, you can build a salesforce to help you spread the word about the various products and services SFI has to offer.

If you enjoy connecting with people and building a team, then you’ll enjoy the sponsoring aspect of SFI.

How SFI Helps: SFI has postcards, e-cards, banners, ads, SFI leads that you can both buy and bid on in the Price Benders auctions, and advertising co-ops you can join.


2. Ecommerce - Do you think you can approach people who currently sell online (and those that want to) to see if they would be interested in listing their products with SFI (Tripleclicks)?

Once you bring aboard these vendor also known as ECAs, you’ll earn a hefty percentage of all the sales for the life of the business with Tripleclicks.

How SFI Helps: SFI has scripts, banners, and gift cards to help you get these businesses on board in your business. These are known as ECAs.


3. Penny Auctions Rule - Can you spot penny auction fanatics a mile away? If so, then selling T-Credits, the currency for penny auctions, can be a breeze for you.

If you sell online on eBay or Amazon (or know others that do - they’re easy to spot online too), then you can a nice income from getting these members (also known as PRM - preferred members) on board in your business too.

How SFI Helps: SFI has gift cards, text ads, banners, specific landing pages that are tailored to getting these lucrative members in your business.


4. Thousands of Products to Promote as an Affiliate - Do you see yourself more as a niche marketer than a network marketer? If so, there are thousands of ECA’s products and services that you can promote.

You can promote each product individually, build a niche website around these items and so much more.

How SFI Helps: Each product in Tripleclicks can be promoted individually. You can also promote an entire storefront, or category.

Which of these ways do you see yourself doing within SFI?

SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program Can Be the Right Fit For Some...

Having been around this industry for some time, I can tell you that home business opportunities are not a one size fits all.

Some businesses are going to be a better fit for you than others. And without belief you’re gonna fail in all of them.

No matter what, you have to believe in your company, its products and services, and in the industry.

This holds true whether you’re an affiliate or an network marketer - you’ve got to believe wholeheartedly in what you’re doing.

What If I Don’t Like Network Marketing - Will SFI Still Work For Me?

I would say that if you hate network marketing then don’t join a network marketing company. If you like the community atmosphere of a network marketing company, but don’t want to sponsor people into an opportunity to make money, then SFI is the perfect business for you to join.

I just showed you above the four ways to make money with SFI and only one of them had to do with sponsoring people into the business opportunity side. Even for the person who doesn’t want to do any aspect of network marketing, SFI offers many other ways to make money with its program.

Should You Join SFI?

If one of those four ways I listed above doesn’t appeal to you, or if you’re not serious about making money from home, then I suggest you don’t join.

SFI can be that light at the end of a dark tunnel and help you achieve your financial goals without you having to dig your family in debt trying to build a business.

If you're tired of playing games and not getting anywhere in your business, come and see how we can help you.

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